If you have been struggling to get sales for your e-commerce and physical products, let me show you how I went from begging my friends and family to buy my products to delivering 262 pieces of my product in 60 days.

This formula has guaranteed over 100 sales every month since JUNE.

The things I've been able to do these last few weeks from the proceeds of my e-commerce business are things I've only been able to dream about in the past.

You know, I bought an iPhone X a few weeks ago but that’s not even the good thing.

The good thing is that before I got that phone, I’ve actually paid my 400K rent somewhere in Lagos, bought a new MacBook Pro and got a phone for my mum, all in 2 months and that’s not even crazy.

The crazy thing is that, I made the 160K I paid for the iPhone X in just a single day. Crazy right?? Yes, I know, but that’s still not the craziest part of all these 😂😂 

What then can be crazier than making 160K in a day?? Well, the next day after I bought my iPhone X, I made all the money I spent to buy the phone in less than 24 hours. Yes, I made over 160K two days in a row.

And you know the funny thing about all of these is that just 3 years ago, I could only have done all these in my dreams because how could I??

How could a boy living in a cubicle apartment in a church (for free obviously), with 7 other guys have achieved that??

In fact, there was this day in 2019 that my computer got spoilt after I borrowed a friend and I couldn’t sleep the whole night cos I was thinking of where to get 4K to fix it. You read that right, Four freaking thousand naira was all I needed and I couldn’t sleep fam, cos I didn't know where to get the money from.

I was so broke. In fact, I'm the kind of person you could call miserable at that time. I had just dropped out from the university, living in a small cubicle apartment with 7 others (we couldn't even sleep in that room cos of the heat, we had to sleep inside the children's hall of the church).

Oh yes, lest I forget. I had a business then too but I was limited to just a few sales here and there every month and my sales and profit couldn't even feed me not to talk of getting luxury.

It was so bad that I was always thinking, moody, aggressive, and even ran into depression.

I was diagnosed with high blood pressure at 22 cos I was always thinking and worrying but all that changed one day when I found the one secret that guaranteed me between 50 to 100 sales of my product every month with a 10,000 profit margin on each product sold.

I've always had this business. and I've always been selling but it just was too small. Sometimes, I make only 1, maybe 2 sales in a whole week. It was like I just had a business that I spends as much as I make every month on it, just like most people In know that sells online.

It was this way until I found the secret formula that I use now to get up to 100 sales every month. It started with an ad I clicked on Facebook, then I joined a WhatsApp group for a training and there I learnt the secret of selling and money has not been my problem since then.

And now, I want to extend the same opportunity I had to other hustlers that are making little to no sales in their online business, so they can also start making truckload of sales in their businesses too.

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Look, I'm sure you see a lot of people that makes truckloads of sales online and you're like, how are they doing this??

It's not rocket science, my dear. If you can just follow and model simple sales strategies, formulas and systems, you too can start getting orders like me and those other people you see making millions from e-commerce online.

OK Wait, let me show you something!!

Check the image below out. These are orders and deliveries we've done over the last few weeks alone.

We sold one product in July 2022, and in just 5 weeks, we were able to sell 123 pieces of that product. The video below is a list of customers that we successfully delivered a 35,000 product to in July alone, all saved up for follow up purposes.

In this training, I am going to reveal the 3 major mistakes that you are making that is restricting you to just a few sales or even no sales monthly.

When all 3 are fixed, you will be able to reach more potential customers, sell them more easily and also increase the profit on each product by over 100% and people will still buy.

I am also going to show you how I choose the right product to sell and why it is important.

There are just 2 simple rules I use to find where my ideal customers are lurking, waiting for me to come and meet them so they can buy.

I'll reveal it in the training too.

And I am also going to give you some resources that I use, including some ecommerce and content rule books that has been the backbone of 10-xing my sales.

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Recently, I realized that selling is not just about posting on your WhatsApp status, Facebook Stories or even Instagram, it's more of what you say when you post.

When my caption improved, my sales improved, I'll show you how.

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At some point in our lives, we have seen people that seems to be overnight successes because THEIR LIVES SUDDENLY CHANGED FOR THE BETTER just within a few weeks or months.

That was my story.

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You know, one good thing about making things happen is that only action will do, nothing else.

Talking about it won't make it happen, wishing every day won't change a thing and worry definitely won't.

The only thing that works is action. Remember the computer issue I told you about earlier, that I couldn't sleep cos I was thinking of how I will get the 4K to fix it?? I didn't end up fixing it cos I couldn't raise the money.

In fact, I sold it as scrap to raise money for something else but money was never enough for me until I mastered how to sell anything online.

You too can sit there, keep posting on your status and stories hoping to catch a big break only to end up with 2 sales from your friends all week long. Then you rinse and repeat that the next week and the next and the next and the next, with nothing to show for it.

And you'll always be broke because you are not making enough money, and with brokeness comes hardship and frustration. And it can get worse.