Will you rather have 1 watch that can last for 12 years or 4 watches that will only last for 6 months??

If Quality Is More Important Than Quantity For You, Then This Could Be The best deal you have seen this year

meet the Most rugged and beautiful wristwatch all nigerian rich men are rushing NOW!!!

The odogwu of all watches

The Emperor, the conqueror
The champion, the Lion

the one that separates the boys from the men

the watch of the year is here!!!z

Beautiful, Bright Face....No One Can Ignore It

Strong And Rugged Strap....You Can't Spoil It

Suitable For Any Type Of Wears

And Any Type Of Occasion

And it also comes with a free perfume

Spot That Brand Logo nah, you already know it's not one of those cheapskate watches

By their works, you shall know them

everywhere you turn on the watch, you find a proof of class and elegance

If You Order Today, You'll Get The Watch For A Promo Price Of Just N45,000

Instead Of The Normal Price Of N60,000


Why Is This watch better than other watches?? What makes it So Special??

First and Foremost.....

It's EXCLUSIVE - it's not a watch that you'll see on every Tom, ∂ick and Harry, it's for rich and classy men ONLY

 And it doesn't peel, fade or wash off too - it's made with the 904L Stainless Steel, the best steel used in making watches, so, it's not one that will peel off in 6 months (you can check for 904L Steel on Google)

You can swim with it - unlike most watches that has 30ATM water resistant, this watch has an 100 ATM water resistant, so you can swim with it and nothing will do it

The glass won't scratch, even if you hit it on the wall - because it's made with a Sapphire Crystal Mineral Glass

The Chronograph is not just for decoration - the seconds, minute and hour chronograph hands are working, another sign of luxury

You don't have to change the batteries every 6 months - cos it doesn't use batteries. It's an automatic watch. It sweeps too, like a big man's watch should. Only cheap, small boy's watches ticks every second. Luxury watches, the seconds hand sweeps

It has a date display - so you are up to date without having to check your phone

It has a tourbillon for extra accuracy - and also have a skeletal display to make it more beautiful

It's so good you can even pass it to your son and him to his son becoming a family legacy like the rich and powerful do for their children

What you Get when you order for this special luxury watch

1. A Satisfactory Luxury men's watch 

2. A Mega luxury Watch box - not for children

3. a designer perfume worth N14,000 - FOR FREE!!

4. payment on delivery - you don't have to pay until you get your watch, so you can return it if it's different from what we advertised

5. fREE Delivery
- You won't have to worry about the delivery fee, we'll cover that too

6. 3 years warranty - so, if anything happens to your watch, you can call or WhatsApp me on 08161216233 and I will repair or replace it for you without cost

If You Order Today, You'll Get The Watch For A Promo Price Of Just N45,000

Instead Of The Normal Price Of N60,000


you just love it, don't you??

go and verify....only premium watches possesses a tourbillon, it's a proof that you're not small and your watch is not small

and yes, the chronograph is not just for decorations, it's working - another proof of class for this watch of the year!!

comes in a branded luxury watch box, not a plastic carton

imagine this on your wrist. no, just think about it for a second...

another style

If You Order Today, You'll Get The Watch For A Promo Price Of Just N45,000

Instead Of The Normal Price Of N60,000


listen to what our customers are saying...

Taiwo Abdullahi

This is a really nice watch.

Nice Colors and it keeps perfect time. Fits into my wrist to a tee and it's very comfortable to wear even when working at a computer and keyboard for 10 hours a day.

I highly recommend it!!

david anselem

For initial purchase, I have to say this is the finest "bling" I am willing to pay for. Unlike the other gold plated watches I have, this is more suitable for every occasion and still looking great after a year. So, my initial impression of these watches and the seller after 1 year of patronage is 5-Star A+. I will let you know if it changes.

james okoli

This watch is very well made. I asked a local watch repair shop their opinion before I ordered the watches and they told me it probably was made in Switzerland, and has an excellent look. They also said was a bargain for the cost. It looks good and keeps extremely good time

Helen ojo

4 years of regularly buying watches from The Watchmat and I bought these 2 watches for my son.

The watch is flawless and he gets lots of compliments. Proud to wear this. Highly recommended.

okechuckwu ibom

Look very nice, not too heavy, just the right weight for my size. Elegant and formal looking. It shines and have beautiful reflection at night under the lights when I attended a Wedding Anniversary. The metal and the glass produce sparkling reflections which is very noticeable. The Franck Muller has a blue reflection. I’m impressed.

mariam shobukola

I bought this watch for my boyfriend with the hopes he wouldn’t think it was cheap looking but for the price and quality of the watch it’s unbeatable! He loved it and gets compliments on it! Very nice watch.

don martin

The best word to describe this watch is stunning. Also classy, despite my worries that the colours would peel off, they don't. Nothing about this watch looks cheap, or fake. I compare it to the Raymond Weil I bought in my twenties for $200 and this looks better.

This watch set is very good.

opeyemi ayinde

I love unique stuffs, this watch is it! I cant speak too much grammar. If u know, u know! This watch Is sleek and classy!

Absolutely gorgeous watch for the price. Has a defiant classy look to it. I would defiantly recommend for a watch

jeremiah martins

The watch is more beautiful than it appears to be on the website. When I took it to my jeweler to have two links removed he said it was a high quality watch with an excellent jeweled movement.

I love these watches! I was hesitant to purchase but once they arrived I was overly excited and pleased with them.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee


I will never be happy if you are not satisfied with our products, that is why I'm going to give you a full, no nonsense repair or replacement guarantee.

I understand that you're buying this luxury wristwatch with your hard earned money and I respect that a lot

So, if you use our watches for the first 3 YEARS and you did not get what you hoped for, maybe it peels, washes or fades, that means that I deceived you to believe something that doesn't work and I can't do that.

Please, call my hotline on 08161216233 and request for your a repair or replacement of the watch.

You can screenshot this guarantee and keep it as a proof.

Go ahead and order for this product with ultimate peace of mind

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If You Order Today, You'll Get The Watch For A Promo Price Of Just N45,000

Instead Of The Normal Price Of N60,000